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Private Locating Near Misses

It's important to take "Call before you dig" locates seriously because the consequences can unfortunately, be deadly. It's important to note that even the most skilled locators make mistakes and even if the locator marks all the lines perfectly, there is still the possibility for accidents to happen. We must all work together to ensure the safety of all workers and the public from these "accidents".

Once while doing a locate at the new Walmart on Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg, MB. I noticed a fellow on a bobcat with a 14" drill on the end drilling streetlight posts. He did not have locates and I noticed that there was a 69 kV mega high voltage cable close to where he was drilling. Of course, my conscience would not allow me to watch him get hurt so I went and spoke with him. Informing him that there was a buried line exactly where he was drilling. He was 4 feet deep and the line was 5 feet deep. If I had not said something, that man would be dead.

These are the risks associated with locating. Even if we locate everything, there is still the possibility for people to get hurt. Marks get wiped out due to weather or construction, people forget or assume where the lines run and some people don't want to wait for locates. We must all work together to ensure the safety of everyone!

Dig safe!

~Accurate Underground

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