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Why choose Accurate Underground? ​

 With years of locating experience specializing in locating all types of underground utilities we're confident that we are among the best utility locators in Manitoba. We are experts in safe excavation having witnessed thousands of excavations. Our staff is polite and courteous and we guarantee your experience with Accurate Underground will be a positive one.

Public vs. Private Utilities?

 Public utility companies are responsible to locate only their facilities. This includes companies like Manitoba Hydro, Shaw, MTS and Teraspan, Rogers and Bell. 

 Private utilities are the responsibility of the contractor or property owner to mark out. This could be the power from the CST to the building or streetlights, plugs, gas, fibre optics, irrigation, etc.


 Without hiring a private locator, there's no way to know for sure what is all below ground.

What is a CST?

 On commercial properties there is usually a CST (Customer Serviced Transformer) that Manitoba Hydro will not mark out. They only locate up to the CST because that is where the Hydro meter is. 


 It is the responsibility of either the contractor or property owner to have this located. Failing to do so can result in electricution and major property damage.

Can I hire an electrician to do a locate?

 You can, however locating is a skilled trade. Missing a line can be extremely costly and dangerous. It is recommended that you choose an experienced locator such as Accurate Underground Utility Locating who can locate more than just electrical.

Do I need private locates?

 Regardless of who you choose for private locates the answer is YES. If you are digging on private property, private locates are highly recommended to maintain the highest level of safety. Not getting private locates could result in costly damage or serious injury.

What if I'm only digging 12 inches deep?

 Buried utilities can be just inches below and damaging electrical or fibre optics can be expensive and dangerous. It's just not worth the risk to not get private locates.

I called Click Before You Dig MB. Is that enough?

 No, not all utility owners are registered with Click Before You Dig MB. Our One Call Service notifies all other utility owners on your behalf. We highly recommend using our service as we can also provide valuable information to assist you in your project. We always want to promote Safe excavation, which is why you can find the links to other utility owners websites on our website.

How much notice is required for locates?

 Accurate Underground strives to serve our customers as quickly as possible. Same day service is possible. However in the busy season Public Utility Companies such as Manitoba Hydro, MTS and Shaw can take up to 3 weeks so please try to provide as much notice and as much information as possible prior to excavation.

How do I request a private locate?

Call: 204-330-7538



We will respond within 24 hours.

How do I change a locate request?


Call: 204-330-7538


We will respond within 24 hours.

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