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Damage Prevention Specialists


 Did you know up to 50% of underground utilities are privately owned?

 Ensure your site is safe to dig and give us a call today!

 What to expect:

  • On site appointment with a Damage Prevention Specialist

  • Utilities marked with paint, stakes or flags

  • Approximate depth of buried utilities if possible

  • Private Locate Report with diagram

  • Advice on how to prevent potential damages

We are a locally owned and operated firm from Winnipeg, MB specializing in Utility Locating Services ie. Private Locates. We are fully equipped to locate all types of Electrical, Fibre Optics, Gas, Sewer, Water, Empty Conduits and more.

With safety at the forefront of today's Construction Industry, Private Locates are necessary in order to dig safely and prevent costly damages. Don't delay and give us a call today. We're always happy to help and provide free information whenever possible.

Our mission: Help you dig safe

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